November 2019

This month, our efforts were still focused in the Bahama’s but in a slightly different capacity. With Christmas rapidly approaching, we wanted to find a way to ensure the children on the island had a joyful Christmas. Many of their most cherished toys were broken or damaged during the hurricane. We worked with the Green Turtle Cay Foundation to gather a list of names and wish lists for the kids. We were able to fulfill the Christmas wish of each child! We want to thank everyone who donated for this project. Aside from the children, the people of the Bahama’s are still facing daily challenges. Buddy and Connie have become close with one couple in particular that has some special medical needs and not having a stable place to live has caused them a lot of grief. Anchored support was able to purchase an RV for the couple to live in so they could have a stable home. The RV is leaving on a barge for the Bahama’s in the next couple of days and we are so excited for them to receive it.

October 2019

October has been a very busy month for Anchored Support! We hosted our first annual fundraising banquet at the beginning of the month. The evening was a huge success and we cannot thank everyone enough for the support. This month, we have continued to focus our efforts on aiding restoration in the Bahamas. While the process is slow, there is progress being made on the Island! We have been able to send a lot of every day supplies down as well as some building supplies and heavy machinery. We are looking forward to continuing to be a part of the cleanup & restoration of Green Turtle Cay.

September 2019

Currently, our hearts are in the Bahamas. Particularly, Green Turtle Cay. We have spent time there over the years and just love the little island. We have delivered some supplies by plane and we are now working on getting heavy equipment and building materials over on barges. Our efforts are focused on clean-up and rebuilding the island. We cannot help the entire Bahamas but we can impact the 300 families on Green Turtle Cay.

August 2019

We were able to help a family purchase a vehicle. Their old one had a blown motor and they were struggling with just one vehicle. They had 3 kids and both had jobs. It was a great blessing to be able to help them.

June 2019

We have had a very busy first year. We have been able to join forces with a great friend of ours, Matt Manzari. He visited Rwanda with World Vision this summer learning about the well drilling project. We offered our support as well and made a large contribution to this project.